Graduate Students

Rose Cendros

How do students interact with one another when they engage in online collaborative mind-mapping?

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Christopher Eaton

How do new technologies impact post-secondary composition classrooms?

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Mary Elijah

How do we regenerate our disappearing Oneida language?

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Melissa Gollan-Wills

How might combining multiple methods of analysis help us move beyond identifying what a phenomenon is to determine not only how it has come to be but why it continues to exist?

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Carol-Ann Lane

In what ways do multiliteracies practiced by boys through video game technologies influence their cultural knowledge?

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Pamela Malins

What gender & sexual identities are included in Canadian kindergarten programmatic curriculum & how are they configured?

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Christine Manser

Is there a relationship between the Ontario secondary school curriculum and student success in University Psychology programs?

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Lori McKee

How can early primary teachers use digital technologies to support students' learning of literacies?

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Joelle Nagle

How do we create thoughtful and meaningful professional development and learning experiences for teachers to effectively promote multiliteracies pedagogies?

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Mary Ott

How can we support 21st Century learning with multimodal and participatory forms of assessment?

Liz Seabrook

What is the history of the RN and RPN curriculum and education in Ontario, Canada from 1950 to 2017?