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Certificate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines


Certificate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines

Curriculum Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines provides opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and current instructors to develop a practical understanding of educational concepts underlying high-quality communication of disciplinary knowledge, with a focus on curriculum design and implementation at the post-secondary level within the STEM disciplines. The program will be comprised of 3 courses, which will (i) leverage the student's own disciplinary knowledge, with (ii) courses that will personalize learning by allowing students to study at their own pace online. (Developed in collaboration with the Faculties of Education, Engineering and Medical Sciences).

In this certificate program, we work with you to build the knowledge and skills needed to advance your competencies as an educator.  Learners taking this certificate will engage with a variety of curriculum designs, teaching strategies and assessment tools. This three-part, research-based program is designed by Western’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Curriculum as a Social Practice through a a between Western’s Faculties of Education, Engineering and Medical Sciences. It brings together the practical knowledge of the STEM professions with 21st Century research and thinking about curriculum and teaching.

Designed for

This Program is for educators (graduate students, post-docs; limited term and early career) with a STEM background looking to develop their competencies as educators in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.


Courses: Three courses

  1. Designing Responsive curriculum
  2. Creating Effective Opportunities for Learning
  3. Assessing Learning

Format: Online (courses can be taken either consecutively or simultaneously)

Admission: Open, no application

Completion Time: 3 months - 1 year

Institutions or organizations interested in enrolling a group of individuals as a single cohort may contact curriculum.centre@uwo.ca to collaborate on an individualized program in a particular discipline, or focused on a problem of practice.



This certificate is available through ASPIRE (Advanced Studies in Professional Education). To find out more or to see student testimonials, please click here.