Thinking Intersections: Research, Relations & Reconfigurations

York University’s Disrupting Early Childhood Series and Western University’s
Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Curriculum present 2023 lecture series:


The series creates a public space that will highlight the generative intersections between emergent scholars’ research and that of their doctoral advisors. The series is particularly interested in the generative intersections created between professors and emergent scholars. Its guiding questions include:  What is unique to the relation between emerging scholars and their supervisors?  How do such vibrant intellectual intersections of research and thought enable different engagements with/in the world?  What forms of care do these intersections give to thinking and to the possibility for otherwise or alternate ways of thinking?  What kinds of possibilities for reconfiguring and perhaps even rupturing dominant structures of interpretation might be cultivated at this intersection, and how ought we to talk about them?

  • JAN 25, 2023: Preeti Nayak & Dr. Fikile Nxumalo, OISE University of Toronto
    Co-theorizing climate justice pedagogies: Intersections and generative departures
  • NEW DATE: MAR 22, 2023 @ 1pm EST: Inés Dussel, Yuri Páez Triviño & Federico Williams, Departamento de Investigaciones Educativas, Cinvestav, Mexico 
    How one becomes who one is? Reflections on intersections and frictions in becoming an educational scholar in Latin America

  • NEW DATE: MAY 3, 2023 @ 12pm EST: Christina MacRae, Laura Trafí-Prats & Ruth Churchill Dower, Manchester Metropolitan University
    The infrathin of post-graduate scholarship: Stories of thinking-with/apart/together/alongside

March 22, 2023 - 1:00pm EST

How one becomes who one is? Reflections on intersections and frictions in becoming an educational scholar in Latin America


Inés Dussel
 is a Professor and Researcher at the Department of Educational Research, CINVESTAV, Mexico. She got her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and served as Director of the Education Area, Latin American School for the Social Sciences (Argentina). She has published extensively on the history of schooling and pedagogy, and on the intersections between schools and visual and digital media. She has been a visiting scholar at the Universities of Melbourne, Paris 8, Humboldt-zu-Berlin, Universidad de Valladolid, and Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina (Brazil). In 2018 she received the Humboldt Research Award in Germany, in recognition of her research trajectory. Currently she is the President of the International Standing Conference for the History of Education.

Yuri Páez Triviño is a Ph.D. student at DIE-CINVESTAV, Mexico City.  She did her master’s degrees in communication studies at the Universidad Distrital de Bogotá (Colombia) and in educational research at DIE-CINVESTAV (Mexico). She has been interested in the effects of armed violence in school and artistic spaces, and particularly on children and young people. Her doctoral research focuses on the public pedagogies of theatre groups in zones ridden by narco-violence in Michoacán, Mexico, and on the role of artistic practices in the construction of peace.   


Ruth Churchill Dower is a PhD scholar at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) exploring the entanglements of movement and relationality in silent children’s embodied expressions. Ruth is the founder of Earlyarts, a research and training network for early childhood and arts professionals, as well as an accredited trainer, consultant, former teacher, musician, actor and storyteller. Ruth is passionate about fostering creative environments, pedagogies and communities that facilitate the complexity of young children's ideas. Her latest book, Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood, explores the origins, impacts and conditions for creative potential to be unfolded and how different artforms can inform early childhood practices. Ruths most recent academic publications are about improvisation as a teaching tool and pedagogies of body-listening with non-speaking children. 




Federico Williams is a Ph.D. student at the DIE-CINVESTAV, Mexico City.  He trained as a sociologist at Universidad de Santiago del Estero (Argentina). His Masters’ thesis dealt with the educational experiences of migrant and refugee children in Mexico City. Currently he is working in the project "Reconfigurations of educational in/equality in a digital world" (RED) and is studying the intersections between digitalization and inequalities in secondary schools.



May 3, 2023 - 12:00pm EST

The infrathin of post-graduate scholarship: Stories of thinking-with/apart/together/alongside

Christina MacRae has been a Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University with a focus of early childhood for a little more than 5 years.  She is a former nursery school teacher, curious about what she might learn from young children through the relations they make with the world through sensing, moving and thinking/feeling.  Her most recent research project was funded by the Froebel Trust to work with slow-motion video as a method for a co-produced ethnography with 2-year-olds in a nursery classroom environment.  Alongside her early years teaching experience, she has an interest in art-making and she has participated in collaborative research/arts projects with young children in schools and nurseries.

Laura Trafí-Prats is an art educator and Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Health and Education. She is a former Associate Professor of art education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Laura develops collaborative research with children and youth with a focus on art-based and digital eco-sensory methods as ways of inquiring on the lived experience in schools, museums, neighborhoods, and sculpture gardens. She is currently finalizing an ESRC-funded interdisciplinary study across education, architecture and sensory ethnography on mapping the spatial experience in a school building built with funds of the national program Building Schools for the Future.  Laura is co-editor of two recently published volumes, one with Aurelio Castro-Varela Visual participatory arts-based research in the city: Ontology, aesthetics and ethics (2022, Routledge), and the other with Chris Schulte, New images of thought in the study of childhood drawing (2022, Springer).