Certificate Courses

Certificate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines

Certificate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines

Curriculum Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines provides opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and current instructors to develop a practical understanding of educational concepts underlying high-quality communication of disciplinary knowledge, with a focus on curriculum design and implementation at the post-secondary level within the STEM disciplines. The program will be comprised of 3 courses, which will (i) leverage the student's own disciplinary knowledge, with (ii) courses that will personalize learning by allowing students to study at their own pace online. (Developed in collaboration with the Faculties of Education, Engineering and Medical Sciences).


21 st C English Literacy Education Certificate

21st C English Literacy Education provides educators with an opportunity to learn about foundational theories tied to practical strategies that will provide them with knowledge needed to teach for today's complex world. It will include a focus on Multiliteracies, and Multimodal Assessment. (Developed in collaboration with "K9 Reading Solution" of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing, China)

Curriculum, Education and Training for Competent Practice

Trainees are all different, and trainers must account for variations in background knowledge, experience, culture, language and access to technologies, expertise and information. To train well, requires an understanding of the adult trainee, an expansive understanding of curriculum and the expected 'competencies' of the profession. This course aims to support the development of competent trainees, trainers, and systems. (Developed in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria).

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