Mobilizing semiotics and multimodal practices in elementary classroom curricula

This presentation focuses on data collected from two previous studies which explored elementary teachers who identify with implementing multimodal and semiotic (meaning making) based practices in classroom curricula. These educators provided suggestions for how other elementary teachers may implement similar practices in their classrooms in order to provide students with expanded communication options (Heydon, 2013), and it is these suggestions which would be the focus of the presentation.   The presentation would focus on outlining specific semiotic resources, modes, and discussing assessment suggested by educators which have helped them to facilitate and create a classroom curricula informed by semiotic theory and practices (e.g., interdisciplinary pedagogies, seating arrangements to encourage dialogue). These responses would also be generally compared to resources outlined in various Ontario programmatic curricula (e.g., Language Arts, OME, 2006) and multimodal literature reviewed.

Presenter: Emma Cooper, PhD Candidate